A UAV taking off in the snow


Aerodynamics research represents a multi-disciplinary system research endeavor that includes experimental, computational and theoretical studies.

Research topics comprise High-Order CFD Methods, Large Eddy Simulation, Aero-Acoustics, Vortex Dynamics, Immersed-Boundary CFD Methods, Physics of Fluids, Applied Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics, Aircraft Aerodynamics and Control, and Aerodynamic Sensors. The research has been supported by US Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA, and private industry such as the General Electric Company and Garmin. Within this field, the team at KUAE is currently engaged in the following research areas:

  • Large Eddy Simulation of Vortex-Dominated Flow Using High-Order Methods
  • Aeroacoustic Noise Prediction
  • Immersed-Boundary CFD Methods
  • Flowfield and Noise Simulations in Wind Farm
  • Turbulence Complexity Quantification
  • Wind Farm Turbulence Impact on General Aviation Aircraft and Airports
  • Interaction between particle and Turbulent Structure
  • Cooperative Gust Sensing & Suppression for Aircraft Formation Flights
  • Wake Vortex Sensing, Modeling, and Encounter Simulation
  • Development and application of optical-based flow diagnostic methods
  • Research on High Angle-of-Attack Aerodynamics and Stall Warning
  • Autonomous Airdata Sensor Measuring Airspeed Magnitude and Direction with Superior Icing Protection
  • Propeller Slipstream Interaction with Empennage on UAS