Student Organizations

Aerospace Engineering Organizations


American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics- AIAA

The aerospace professional society on campus is the AIAA. There is an active student branch at the University of Kansas, which organizes technical and social meetings throughout the academic year. It is highly recommended that aerospace students become active in AIAA for status in the profession, career development and career motivation. For more information and application forms, check in the Department Office, 2120 Learned Hall.

Jayhawk Aero Design- JAD

Our goal is to give undergraduate students the ability to design, build, and fly (DBF) an aircraft that will be used to compete in competition. Team members will master the design process by focusing on a specific element of the design, such as; aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, etc. Additionally, each spring we will travel for competition with universities around the World.

Jayhawk High Power Rocketry- JHPR

Jayhawk High Power Rocketry (JHPR) exists to certify students in high power rocketry (HPR), connect classroom knowledge with practical hands-on system design, and compete and represent the University of Kansas at collegiate level HPR competitions.


The purpose of this organization is to create the infrastructure and opportunities for satellites to be built and launched through different platforms. Building these satellites will serve the purpose of demonstrating, researching and testing scientific equipment affordably in outer space, working together with different engineering disciplines, science departments, and companies. 

KU Rover Club

This is an interdisciplinary organization focused on building the first intelligent rover from KU to participate in the Mars Society International University Rover Challenge and other similar competitions. The club provides a framework for engineering students to apply the theoretical knowledge learned in class on practical applications and develop a meaningful depth that would come to their aid in a professional atmosphere.

Sigma Gamma Tau- SGT

This is an aerospace engineering national honor society in which membership is by invitation only. Students with exceptional scholastic performance are eligible for membership and will be invited by the campus chapter. Technical and social meetings are held throughout the academic year.

Engineering Organizations

Engineering Student Council- ESC

The student government body for engineering students. ESC works directly with the dean of engineering and department heads on behalf of the students. The Council also sponsors a variety of activities each year. ESC organizes the annual Engineering Exposition, held during National Engineers Week in late February. Expo is an opportunity for student groups to plan and create engineering projects for exhibition.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- IEEE

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is the world's largest international professional society for Electrical and Computer Engineers. Our KU chapter are a professional, academic, and social organization with the goal of enabling students to hone their technical skills and build relationships through experiences including student-led projects, corporate sponsored events, informational workshops, and recreational events.

National Society of Black Engineers- NSBE

Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors. We have a special emphasis on recruiting students with majors pertaining to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers- SASE

This organization is dedicated to developing the University of Kansas’s Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that we can achieve our full career potential and be leaders in our respective fields.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers- SHPE

 A major focus of the SHPE Foundation’s STEM educational activities has been in locations with fast-growing Hispanic communities ripe for nurturing a pipeline of future engineers and technical innovators. This has been bolstered by a successful scholarship program and the support of SHPE Chapters and partner organizations.

Society of Women Engineers- SWE

The Society of Women Engineers is a national, professional, educational organization of graduate engineers, and men and women with equivalent engineering experience, dedicated to the advancement of women in the engineering profession. There is an active student chapter of SWE on campus open to all engineering students and faculty who are interested in the goals of the organization.

Tau Beta Pi

This is an all-engineering national honor society in which membership is by invitation only. Students with exceptional scholastic performance are eligible for membership and will be invited by the campus chapter.