Working on a UAV in the Anechoic Chamber

Unmanned Aerial Systems

KU UAS research works to advance the understanding of structure-sensor interactions, investigate the effects of materials and environments on performance, and ultimately develop low-speed, low-altitude, and lightweight vehicles with increased autonomy.

working on a UAV in the arctic

Guidance, Navigation & Control Systems

KU UAS research aims to develop guidance, navigation, and control systems that can function in GPS denied environments and utilize collision avoidance technology. KU UAS research focuses on increasing reliability, adaptability, and scalability of UAS systems.

Control station in the field for CReSIS

Sensors & Sensor Fusion  

UAS missions often require unique sensing capabilities to assess features of interest to ensure safe operation. One goal of KU UAS research is to develop cooperative sensing and perception of the environment to support operations in challenging environments. Radars developed can be used in applications ranging from understanding the ice-bed depth to insight into aspects of agricultural conditions affecting plant growth.

Aerodynamic Modeling

Our research focuses on utilizing modeling tools to enable UAS design for varying and dynamic flight conditions that may result from vehicles, building structures, weather, or other extreme environmental events. In the long term, KU UAS research is working to develop a UAS that can operate in all weather conditions.


Main Campus

  • Adaptive Aerostructures
  • Closed Circuit Subsonic Wind Tunnel
  • Cognitive Control Systems
  • Composite Materials
  • Cooperative Unmanned Systems
  • Electromagnetic Anechoic Chamber
  • Open Circuit Subsonic Tunnel
  • Radar Systems and Remote Sensing
  • RF Systems Engineering
  • Structural Dynamics and Acoustics
  • Supersonic Wind Tunnel

Garrison Flight Research Center

AST 4000 Fixed Base Simulator
Free Jet Test Stand
Mal Harned Propulsion Laboratory
Structural Load Frame
Two Hangars (2,500 ft2 and 18,000 ft2)
Vehicle Manufacturing Facility

Kansas UAS Companies with KU Ties

  • DARCorporation
  • Edissey, LLC
  • Kalscott Engineering
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Powered Boomerang
  • Pulse Aerospace
  • Radar Research & Innovations, LLC
  • UAVRadars, LLC


  • Emily Arnold (Airborne platform sensor integration, aircraft integration effects on these sensors)
  • Ronald Barrett (Adaptive aerostructures, enhancement of transportation related technologies)
  • Haiyang Chao (Low-cost micro UAS development wind estimation filter design)
  • Mark Ewing (Structural dynamics, structural acoustics of high performance light-weight structures)
  • Richard Hale (Application of composite design, analysis, fabrication, and field testing)
  • Shawn Keshmiri (Flight dynamics, flight control, flight test engineering)