Diagrams and computer models related to jet propulsion

Propulsion and Power represents a multi-disciplinary system research endeavor that includes such disciplines as physics of fluids, thermodynamics, thermo-chemistry, materials and structures as well as controls. Within this field, the team at KUAE is currently engaged in the following research areas:

  • Autonomous Airdata Sensor Measuring Airspeed Magnitude and Direction with Superior Icing Protection
  • Research on High Angle-of-Attack Aerodynamics and Stall Warning
  • Large Eddy Simulation of Vortex-Dominated Flow Including Film Cooling in Advanced Gas Turbine Engines Using High-Order Methods
  • Jet Noise Mitigation in Aircraft Engines through Shear Layer Swirl
  • Broadband Noise Mitigation at the Source in Wind Turbines
  • Impact of Propulsion-Airframe Integration on Flight Dynamics Characteristics of UAS
  • Experimental and Computational Research on Impingement and Film Cooling
  • Development of Optical-Based Flow Diagnostic Technology
  • Endwall Loss Mitigation in Transonic Fans
  • Active Flow Control in Small Core Gas Turbines for High Efficiency and Reduced Fuel Burn
  • Flowfield and Noise Simulations in Wind Farm
  • Turbine Flow Field Characterization based on Information Theory
  • UAS Propulsion Research including validation and verification flight tests.
  • Electric Propulsion and Performance Testbed
  • Solar Powered UASs


  • Shawn Keshmiri (Flight Dynamics and Control, Autopilot and Automatic Control, UAS Flight Test Engineering)
  • Ray Taghavi (Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Rocket Propulsion, Flow Control)
  • Z.J. Wang (CFD, Adaptive High Order Methods, Large Eddy Simulation, Computational Aero-Acoustics)
  • Huixuan Wu (Experimental Fluids, Turbulence and Stochastic Processes, Applied Optics)
  • Cheng Huang (Computational Fluid Dynamics)