Dr. Huixuan Wu

Huixuan Wu
  • Associate Professor
  • School of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering

Contact Info

2119C Learned Hall


B.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beihang University
M.S., Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University


Research background in the fields of experimental fluid dynamics, particle dynamics,

Lagrangian turbulence, turbomachinery, thermal science, turbulence theory and modeling, and instrumentation.

Experience in the application of various optical based measurement technologies, including particle

image velocimetry (PIV), Lagrange particle tracking, and vorticity optical probing.

Experience in cross-field collaborations and instrument innovations.

Research Interest

Experimental Fluid Mechanics
Turbulence and Stochastic Process
Applied Optics


Experimental Fluid and Applied Optics

Current Research Projects

Vorticity Optical Probing
Particle Dynamics
Enstropy of Turbulent Flows