KUbeSat Student Launch Initiative Seeks Your Support

KUbeSat is a student organization participating in NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI) to be the first team from Kansas to send a satellite into orbit.

Our nanosatellite will carry two scientific payloads to orbit. The HiCalX payload will help calibrate a ground site that measures Askaryan Radiation. This type of radiation is critical in the study of high energy neutrinos in Antarctica as the neutrinos travel through the ice. The Primary Cosmic Ray Detector (PCRD) payload will study cosmic ray protons and nuclei using a compact detector based on a high Boron-nucleon cross-section. This data will be used to study the impact cosmic rays have on structural components on future missions.

Our organization is actively searching for funding to make our current and future missions a reality. Please donate at LaunchKU or contact us at kubesat@ku.edu for inquiries. We’re also present on Instagram @kube_sat and Twitter @KUbe_Sat. Give us a follow to keep up with our progress!