KU Core

The KU Core establishes six educational goals for all undergraduates at the University of Kansas. The KU Core is designed to yield fundamental skills, build a broad background of knowledge, generate capacities and opportunities for blending and creating ideas, strengthen an appreciation of cultural and global diversity, and cultivate ethical integrity. All students entering KU in the fall of 2013 or later will follow curricula that coordinate with the KU Core goals.

The KU Core is not a prescribed set of courses that students must take. Hundreds of courses and experiences have been approved as part of the KU Core. Students can select the courses or experiences that match their interests and areas of study. This selection allows each student to create a unique undergraduate experience.

KU Core Approved Courses

KU Core GoalAerospace Fulfillment
GE 1.1PHSX210
GE 1.2MATH 125
GE 2.1Meet via KU CORE Requirements
GE 2.2AE 522/3/4 or 721 or 722
GE 3HMeet via KU Core Requirements
GE 3NCHEM 150 or CHEM 130
GE 3SECON 104, 105, 142, 143, 144, or 145
AE 4.1Meet via KU Core Requirements
AE 4.2Meet via KU Core Requirements
AE 5AE 520 or 521
AE 6AE 520 or 521 AND AE 522/3/4 or 721/2