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Samuel Ross
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My name is Sam Ross, and I'm a first year Masters of Science student studying under Dr. Emily Arnold. My coursework emphasis is in aerospace structures, with specific training in composites and structural optimization.

During my undergraduate education, I enjoyed working in the on-site composites lab for two consecutive years, where I assisted in the design and construction of parts from both wet layup and pre-preg fiberglass and carbon fiber. These parts went on to be used in UAV fuselages, large radome panels, and various pylons and pods for carrying UAV payloads. Some of this work was manufacturing parts for the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS). I also did some signal processing for CReSIS on snow depth radar data. After this, I worked as the graduate teaching assistant for AE 510, Aerospace Materials and Processes, where I provided advice and assistance to the students on the manufacturing and design of the major class-project.

My current research involves designing antenna structures for the CReSIS that are electrically, structurally, and aerodynamically fit to hang from the wings of a particular UAV, with the ability to change out the actual antenna if different frequencies are desired. In this work, I frequently have to work and meet with members of the electrical engineering department as well as peers from other universities involved in CReSIS. This multi-disciplinary work has been beneficial in multiple ways, as it allows me to increase my knowledge of electrical systems and also provides me with valuable alternative engineering perspectives.

On the side, I'm passionate about urban design and transportation infrastructure, both nationally and locally. After researching urban air mobility for my senior capstone project, I realized the questionable logic that aerospace companies apply while selling their respective futuristic air taxis. This brought about an interest in more sustainable networks of transportation options, such as commercial airlines, heavy and light rail, and cycling and pedestrian-centered city design. I've been an advocate for increased bike infrastructure on KU's campus at the bi-annual transportation forums, and I am a member of Strong Towns, an organization dedicated to promoting more people-focused urban spaces in America.