KU Experimental Category Aircraft Policy

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Experimental Category Aircraft Policy



Use of Department-owned aircraft with an aircraft with an Airworthiness Certificate in the Experimental Aircraft category.



Employees and students of University and affiliated corporations using Department-owned aircraft for flights conducted to support University-supported research.








Aerospace Engineering currently owns a Cessna 172 which is used to support Aerospace Engineering’s research program.  Per the KU University Aircraft Policy, “Policy on the use of this aircraft is overseen by the Department of Aerospace Engineering”. 


Minimum Aircraft Requirements

Aircraft must:

  • Have a current Airworthiness Certificate in the Experimental Aircraft category
  • Be insured on the University insurance policy as detailed in the Insurance section, below
  • Be maintained as described in the Maintenance Requirements section, below


Pilot Requirements

The Pilot must have:

  • At a minimum, a Private Pilot’s license with a Single Engine, Land rating
  • At least 200 hours total logged flight time, any aircraft
  • At least 20 hours logged time in a single engine aircraft
  • At least 5 hours in a Cessna 172
  • Current Class II medical certificate
  • Three take-offs and landings as a sole manipulator of the flight controls in a single engine aircraft within the previous 90 days.


Maintenance Requirements

All required inspection and maintenance procedures must be performed by an appropriately rated FAA certificated repair station, the manufacturer or a manufacturer authorized service center. Maintenance log records must be maintained at the Flight Research Lab office at the Lawrence Airport.


Flight conditions

The following restrictions apply to all flights.  Operations will be conducted

  • In accordance with relevant FAA regulations
  • In Visual Metrological Conditions only
  • In Daylight only
  • Under a ceiling of 10,000 ft above MSL unless pilot and flight engineer(s)/observer(s) are outfitted with FAA-approved supplemental oxygen systems
  • An approved ConOps approved by the KUAE Flight Safety Board, which consists of at least 2 faculty members and a pilot with credentials outlined in the Pilot Requirements section, above



Minimum liability limits for aircraft used by University: $1M each occurrence excluding passengers; medical $50k per person to $200k per occurrence.

Aircraft Physical Damage: equal to the fair market value of the aircraft.

The insurance shall include the following:

  • Kansas Board of Regents and the University of Kansas shall be named as additional insured with respect to the operations of the aircraft owner/operator.
  • The insurance company shall agree to waive all rights of subrogation with respect to physical damage to the aircraft in favor of Kansas Board of Regent and the University of Kansas.
  • The insurer agrees to provide thirty (30) days advance written notice of cancelation to Kansas Board of Regents and the University of Kansas.

All insurance shall be provided by an insurer licensed/admitted in the state where the policy is issued and maintain minimum A.M. Best rating of “A” with minimum financial rating of “X”. A current and valid certificate of insurance showing all insurance requirements outlined above have been met\exceeded shall be provided to the University of Kansas prior to operations of the aircraft. (Insurance requirements listed above can change on a case by case basis with a risk analysis and waiver by the Director of Aviation Services after consultation with Director of Risk Management.)



Mark Ewing

Associate Professor

Director, Flight Research Lab

Aerospace Engineering



Richard Hale

C.E. and M.J. Spahr Professor and Chair

Aerospace Engineering



APPROVED ON:  24 May 2019


EFFECTIVE ON:  24 May 2019


REVIEW CYCLE:  Annual (As Needed)