KUAE Advisory Board Charter

Charter University of Kansas Department of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering Advisory Board

January 2018


The School of Engineering at the University of Kansas (KU) is in the knowledge business. At KU, we create knowledge through our research. We distribute knowledge to our students and serve our profession and the people of Kansas, the Nation and the world with our outreach programs and specialized technical service. The mission of the Aerospace Engineering Department encompasses these same three functions: teaching, research, and service in the discipline of aerospace engineering. We carry out this mission by maintaining the highest quality programs, facilities, and faculty.

Commitment to Quality

The Department of Aerospace Engineering (the Department) is committed to continuous quality improvement. As part of this process, we have identified our students as our number one customers. However, our students, as graduates, are also our product. Highly capable graduates, with sound engineering and critical thinking skills, and the ability to learn, are the final measure of the success of our programs. Therefore, the best service we can provide to our student customers is embodied in providing quality programs that teach these skills.


The mission of the Advisory Board is to advise the Department on a broad range of issues that relate to the long term success of the Department.


  • The Advisory Board will work to achieve the following objectives:
  • To provide advice on strategic direction
  • To assist in the continuous assessment of the curriculum, to align with customer needs
  • To assist with the placement of students and graduates in internships and careers
  • To help the Department identify opportunities and resources
  • To assist in the recruitment and professional development of faculty members
  • To help the Department recruit outstanding students
  • To assist the Department in providing lifelong learning programs 2
  • To be proactive ambassadors in promoting AE education and research programs to industry, government, professional organizations and other

The Board will operate as a committee of the whole led by a Board Chair who is appointed for a two year term by the Department Chair. The Board Chair will assist the Department Chair in the planning of the Board meetings and communication with the Board.


Each Advisory Board member will be expected to provide strategic direction and partner with the Department to ensure its continuous improvement. Each Advisory Board member is expected to actively participate in both the Fall and Spring Advisory Board Meetings, either in person or by teleconference.