Graduate Program

The Department of Aerospace Engineering offers traditional Master of Science (MSAE) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhDAE) programs which emphasize original analytical and experimental research. In addition, two unique programs are offered: the Master of Engineering (MEAE) and the Doctor of Engineering (DEAE), which emphasize system design and management. All these programs provide an excellent preparation for employment in industry or in private and government laboratories. The doctoral programs also prepare for an academic career in teaching and research. Graduate course work is available in the following areas of aerospace engineering:

- aerodynamics 

-computational fluid dynamics 



-flight testing 

-flight dynamics controls

-aircraft design

-spacecraft design 

-orbital mechanics

Graduate courses are taught by faculty with a strong background in graduate education and in industry and government laboratory experience. All faculty are currently active in funded or unfunded research in their areas of expertise. Department research programs are typically funded by: NASA, DOD, DOE, NSF, FAA, and the Aerospace industry. 

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