Directions to Aerospace Engineering

  1. From Iowa, turn East onto 15th Street
  2. Take 15th Street to the bottom of the hill to Naismith Drive
  3. Turn Right onto Naismith Drive
  4. Continue to the next stop sign at Irving Hill Road
  5. Turn Right on Irving Hill Road
  6. Make an immediate Left into the parking garage (#3)
  7. From the parking garage, walk straight across the parking lot to Eaton Hall (#33)
  8. Go to the 2nd floor of Eaton Hall
  9. Go straight from the top of the stairs/elevator and through the breezeway and until the hall T’s off
  10. Make a left through the stairwell
  11. Continue down the hall to 2120 Learned (approximately 1/3rd of the way down the hall on your left)
Directions to Aerospace Engineering
1520 W 15th St
Lawrence , Kansas 66045